Duck Dynasty 5.01 and 5.02 Review: “Boomerang Becca” and “Willie’s Number Two”

Hello everyone! It’s such an honor to begin my career at TV Overmind writing about the fifth season of everyone’s favorite duck-calling “sharp dressed” men, The Robertsons of Duck Dynasty.

In the premiere episode, Rebecca (the honorary Robertson) returns home from “the wrong” LA (Los Angeles = Wrong, Louisiana= Right), and Willie worries about her being home forever, while Jase and the guys prepare the warehouse for her surprise “Welcome home” party. Meanwhile Si goes over to Phil and Kay’s even though he is sick, and soon Kay becomes infected.

Like always, I gave many a hearty chuckle at this episode. Jase first got me giggling when he complained about how he hates group texting, and then later as he explained why women should not be left to party plan alone. “Every day would be a quinceanera if left up to the women”. Jase is a smart man, gentlemen. Make sure you’re writing this down.



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