Parks and Recreation 6.11 “New Beginnings” Review: Stuck In the Middle With You

“New Beginnings,” last night’s episode of Parks and Recreation, was simply fine. But that’s just it. Parks and Rec is never usually just “fine.” After last week’s big 100th episode, it should be expected that this week’s Parks and Rec would be a little bit of a letdown. However, for the first time in a long time, I found myself not nearly as invested in Leslie Knope and the characters of Pawnee as I have been in the past.

Perhaps this is because it feels like the series is stuck at a standstill. As acknowledged by Ron and Leslie in tonight’s episode, characters like Tom and April have grown up and finally assumed the responsibility within the Parks Department that Leslie had always hoped they would. While this character evolution for both Tom and April is something that has transpired over the past five plus seasons, and is thus very satisfying to witness, it always leaves Parks and Recreation with a big problem: How can the show itself change and evolve along with its characters?



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