Community 5.04 Review: “Cooperative Polygraphy

The series hit its Season 5 stride with “Cooperative Polygraphy,” an episode centered on our dysfunctional study group and the secrets they hide from each other. It’s the funniest of the season so far, as Pierce reaches out from his death to torment his old buddies into further bonding, as he was so well known to do.

The episode’s title is an obvious callback to Season 2’s “Cooperative Calligraphy,” as is its format. Once again, we find ourselves strictly at the study table. Pierce’s lawyer (performed brilliantly by Walton Goggins) arrives with a team of lie-detector scientists to determine who among the group, if any, was involved in Pierce’s death. So begins a series of questions that pokes at insecurities, secrets and lies, each member of the group forced to come clean if they wish to claim their inheritance. Who knew Troy stole his and Abed’s secret handshake from YouTube? Or that Annie once drugged the group with amphetamines? Apparently, Abed has been tracking each member of the group with GPS for years. Chang has done it everywhere.



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