Following Franklin Hall/Graviton earlier this season, this episode gave us our second direct Marvel supervillain introduction via Donnie Gill, AKA Blizzard - the Iron Man enemy and one-time Thunderbolts member. While they completely changed Donnie’s backstory, it was for the best, since “random thug given the costumes/abilities of a dead supervillain” wouldn’t have worked so well here. On a show already dealing with several very young looking SHIELD agents, I was a bit wary of just how young this Donnie (played by Lost and Awake’s Dylan Minnette) was. Ultimately though, his story worked, complete with his more sympathetic portrayal and the eventual death of his best friend, which we presume will push him over the edge – though it felt like a reach that Donnie's plan was to specifically lure Fitz to him to fix his power source, given there were so many ways that might not have worked out.



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