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This afternoon I totally wanted to watch Sam who season 2 ep 1. So i uploaded megavideo, but i didn't watch right away cus i was really tired. So I fell asleep on the cough, woke up like 20 min ago. And I wanted to watch it but .... ALL THE LINKS ARE GONE..? WHERE ARE THEY? WHAT HAPPEND? WAS I DREAMING? I know I wasn't dreaming cus I saw at least 10 links .. but it's all gone now.. Can someone please tell me what's going on? Cus I really really want to watch it.. I can't watch it over here ( I live in Amsterdam) Pleassse Helpp



| 08:58 EDT, 28 Oct, 2008
Is there a good site where I can watch tvshows? (I live in Dubai, so most of the sites are blocked).Please help!And don't say ninjavideo!
| 10:42 EDT, 15 Oct, 2008
I had mega video tell me off for watching too much! lol! I just went in and out of it until it let me watch it! Maybe 3 times and it must have forgot. lol! If you can't get Samantha Who? on sidereel I'd advise trying a site like When I can't find the links i need on here I use this site and it normally has what I'm looking for! :D
| 04:56 EDT, 15 Oct, 2008
Thanks Creamy.. It helped But about megavideo, i haven't had that problem once. I can watch pretty much anything .. it's really odd though Thnx again
| 17:31 EDT, 14 Oct, 2008
If you have DivX, then I'd try using ninjavideo instead, better quality of picture and fast loading, just don't forget to upload the beta helper thingy. I use that to watch most of my shows now (Alot of them are at least half a season behind here in UK. Samantha Who Season 1 hasn't been on yet!!!)Also haven't megavideo started limited how much you can watch in a row? I was told that I had been watching for 63 minutes, and had to wait another 120 minutes before watching anything else from them. Hope that helps?

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