The Mindy Project Recap: L.A. Stories


The gang heads to a “Southland Injectibles Conference” (which we won’t analyze too deeply for its relevance to obstetrics and gynecology), presumably so they can actually shoot on location instead of using their middling-to-solid subway sets. Also, obviously, so they can do old turned suddenly sort of timely Entourage jokes.


I’m not really complaining, though. For starters, this plotline gave us Mindy’s reference to her fresh Brazilian and her Star Maps, which was possibly worth the price of admission on its own: “So look out, George Hamilton, I hope you like your trespassers completely hairless.” Also, though I’m normally based in New York, I happen to be in Los Angeles on a business trip as I watch this, which gives me an eerie feeling that The Mindy Project is watching me, rather than vice versa.  Read More...


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