New Girl Recap: My Buddy’s Girlfriend


Things seemed simpler 60 years ago, especially in terms of blending your life with that of your significant other. If you were a man, you parted your hair vigorously to one side with pomade and drank beer with your war buddies for recreation. If you were a woman you kept your hair in curlers (with no endgame of curly hair, as far as I can tell) and you gossiped over the telephone with your gal pals. Then, sometimes, the war buddies and the gal pals would have a dinner party. At the end of the night, everyone would return to the homes they owned because they weren’t under the crushing weight of massive student debt. Often they drove home drunk, which was less of a big deal back then. But that’s not a surprise. Football players wore helmets made of Saran Wrap in those days. This is everything I know about the fifties, and I learned it by absently watching Mad Men while checking my e-mail.  Read More...


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