True Blood - S02E03

Wow; a single word describes how I feel after seeing this past episode. I was never really hooked on True Blood until I started watching this season and now I simply can't get enough. It's great where they are taking the characters and there are some serious developments so far.

I love where they are taking Jason, although I can't believe for a second he doesn't wanna get in the sack with his prayer buddy. Think he will?

Best scene for me was watching Bill throw Jessica and in your mind you just see the boy bloodied and a mess, to our surprise Sookie was right, she was just being a teenage girl giving into sexual impulses. I was definitely cheering for our favorite red headed vamp-child! They grow up so quickly!

What's going to with these parties of Maryann's? I get that she's a nymph, maenad, or some other mythological sex based creature but the blackened eyes, the over indulgence, what is she? What does she want? Tara seems to be playing a huge role in Maryann's plan, but what exactly is it? And the freaking pig!? I don't think the Bull headed creature is Maryann, why would she attack the Daphnie or even Sookie? To get back at Sam maybe?

*edit* What if it's her man slave? That'd make more sense to me!

So many questions revolving around her. I did find it odd that the other dog ran away when she (the new waitress) came onto the dock. Why doesn't Sam have these 'animal senses'?

Layfette: Anyone else disappointed he isn't a vampire? :( He isn't a vampire right? Still walking with a limp, wrapping himself up in a blanket, body injuries. I was excited to see him become vampire. He really would have been a very bad ass vampire. If he's not though WTF was Eric's wink all about during their final scene? Why did he refuse medical attention for a gun shot wound? (Hint: I don't buy the lack of insurance)

Sorry for going backwards in episodes, but in closing, I just wanted to also ask if anyone else felt glamored by the scene last week between Bill and the little girl, incredible acting, seriously intense and in the moment. I have watched that scene about 10 times and still get goosebumps.

I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave some comments!



Jun 29, 2009 8:01AM EDT

Hoyt and Jessica are just adorable!

Jun 29, 2009 2:32PM EDT

Yep totally thought Hoyt was done for also. I also think that the pig is indeed her manslave he obeys her ever whim

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