'My Strange Addiction' sneak peek: Keyshia eats dirty diapers

"My Strange Addiction" has built a reputation for itself since debuting in 2010 and has worked to constantly top itself in finding those with bizarre behaviors.That's where Keyshia comes into the picture. The 22-year-old is addicted to chewing on and smelling dirty diapers. She keeps her cupboards, drawers and purse filled with urine-soaked diapers to make sure there's always one close by to satisfy her craving.Where does she get them? Luckily for Keyshia, she has an understanding friend named Kim with twins."It's very annoying because she doesn't care what time it is," Kim says. "She'll wake my baby up to take the diaper that's on the baby.""My addiction to diapers started about three years ago," Keyshia admits. "One of my friends was changing her baby and she gave me the diaper to throw out and I kept it for like a week and smelled it every morning." Since then, Keyshia has had over 25,000 diapers...



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