Totally Horrendous

This is just an abomination. How low does TLC have to go to get viewers? To present this family, glorifying super morbidity is shallow and upsetting. How on earth is someone supposed to find watching these morbidly obese people entertaining. They celebrate the fact that they are as big as they are. The father needs to get off his a$$ and get a job; if not 2 or 3. He supposedly hasn't worked since the children were young. The mother works 2 jobs. How on earth can she maintain nearly 400 pounds working 20+ hours a day. This family must continually gorge themselves all day long. Look at the son, he's 14 and he gained 28 pounds in 30 days. 28 pounds!!! Not only is this a mockery on television, it's a slap in the face to anyone with any iota of intelligence regarding proper eating habits. Take this garbage off of the network and quit paying these people to air their disgusting lives.


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Dec 31, 2009 5:58PM EST

I do not think that they were glorifying morbid obesity. They are showing how they are coping with being that much overweight. This is the reality for some people. They are not celebrating how big they are. They are in the beginnings of making a change. They know they are extremely unhealthy and are doing something about it. They seem to use food as a crutch and it seems to be pretty much their glue. I believe the point of this show is to show how they will try and lose it and change their lifestyles even though they have to deal with the ignorance of people that do not really know or understand how it is being that size.

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