'American Horror Story: Coven': RIP Delphi Trust, we hardly knew ye

Was this the weirdest "American Horror Story: Coven" episode to date? It was certainly one of the bloodiest, but a lot of the small touches also made it super weird. The CorporationFiona and Marie set up a meeting with the Delphi Trust members, who honestly appear to be there to negotiate in good faith, offering the witches a 100-year truce. But the witches are having none of it and the Axeman dispenses of the men in short order, blood spurting every which way but loose. Except for Hank's papa, whom Fiona gets to kill herself in an axe blow to the jugular. More blood! Hooray?The CovenTurns out Queenie was able to heal herself and reassemble Madame LaLaurie, so now she's back and she thinks she's the next Supreme (because of these new powers). Queenie gives Cordelia what-for about Delia being so weak, so Cordelia decides she should stab out her own eyeballs in order to...



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