'The Tomorrow People': Changes come to 'The Citadel'

The return of "The Tomorrow People" in 2014 signaled a lot of changes. With "The Citadel" bringing a whole new aspect of ULTRA, Cara's leadership instead of John's and some unpleasant revelations about Roger, change was inevitable.A change in leadershipObviously, John wasn't going to keep his position of authority once everyone found out that he a) could kill and b) did kill the guy they've been waiting for as a savior for years now. He's lucky that a vote of no-confidence was all that happened.Thus, Cara is now in charge of the Tomorrow People. What kind of a leader is she? "She is totally like a hawk," executive producer Phil Klemmer told Zap2it in a recent interview. "She goes from being reluctantly taking the reins, to basically a warrior queen ready to take the fight to the doors of ULTRA in the course of an episode."Is John OK with this? Surprisingly, he's very cool...



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