So which one of you stays?

America's Next Top Model is starting Cycle 11. Where has time flown? It seems like just last week we were watching the finale of Cycle 9! Maybe that's because the CW decided to show reruns (?) not of the cycle before this one, but of the one before that.

At any rate, Cycle 11 started with 33 "beautiful girls". It was apparent early on that at least one of those showcased would not make it on the show. For the sake of space, we wont worry about the 14 who were eliminated or the 6 after that.

Down to the lucky fourteen who were chosen. There were three Brittany's-two of whom Tyra asked to "change their name". The alpha Brittany (who became Sharaun) was Brittany B. In a Top Model first, each young lady got to meet one on one with all of the judges. And each time Shaarun exclaimed to be America's, Next, Top Model; while fluttering her eyes like a mad woman. And each time, she could not tell the judge why. Another early one to watch was Marjorie-the shy little French girl who takes great pictures. I look forward to her coming out of that shell in future episodes. Sheena, the "Kimora Lee Simmons" look-alike, who is this years, "hoochie girl" seemed a little over the top, but likable. Samantha, the sports and active wear model seems like a good bet to make it far in the competition-she is liked by the judges and the other contestants, so far. Then there is Joslyn, who has tried out over THIRTY times and finally made it. Although likable, she wont last much past the hair make overs. Hannah, the girl from Alaska who told us at least a dozen times that she was from small town Alaska. I think that qualifies her for VP candidate. Clark, although pretty is shaping up to be this cycle's bitch. Elina is the token lesbian this time around, although she does not put titles on people. And yes, I'll talk about the controversy-Isis-the first ever trans-gender contestant. And as it turns out, the best model (so far) of the bunch. Expect there to be controversy, especially the longer Isis stays in the running. The other two Brittany's (Brittany and McKey), along with Analeigh and Nikeysha and Lauren, round out the ladies vying for that cover of Seventeen magazine. The first assignment was a shoot about voting. Didn't see that one coming Tyra. In the long run, the loudest, most annoying and worst picture award went to Sharaun, and she was sent home after crying and explaining how badly she wanted this. Nikeysha (who could not accept criticism) was in the bottom with her and actually apologized for being able to stay! All in all, this cycle is shaping up to be, say it with me, fieeeeeerce!


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