'Nashville' says goodbye to one character while Scarlett turns down the chance of a lifetime

RIP Crazy Peggy.That's right, in the first few moments of the midseason premiere of "Nashville," we found out the fate of Teddy's new wife. The bullet that was meant for the mayor went wide and hit Crazy Peggy, killing her immediately. "Nashville" didn't waste any time in revealing that Peggy's death is the one that sticks, but it certainly took its time in letting us know what happened with Will.Turns out, after contemplating suicide by train for being gay, Will realized he couldn't kill himself. He then spent some time camping in the mountains alone to come to terms with who he is, because he's "disgusted" with himself. After Gunnar went searching for him, he "talked" some sense into him (a.k.a. threw him to the ground for even thinking about suicide) and their bromance is back on. What's also back on is Will's closeted ways, as he's back to faking a relationship with Layla...



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