Community Season 5 “Cooperative Polygraphy” Review

Oh, Community, you keep reminding me of why you’re one of my favorite shows. For the second week in a row, we got an episode that thematically mirrored a memorable episode from a previous season. This week, “Cooperative Polygraphy” was the natural progression of the season 2 episode “Cooperative Calligraphy.”

What was brilliant about last night’s episode is that it wasn’t just a carbon copy of the “Cooperative Calligraphy” episode. Indeed, it was a bottle episode, but “Cooperative Polygraphy” was a great demonstration of the growth our favorite study group has experienced over five seasons.

Although Pierce is dead, he still managed to antagonize the group thanks to an excellent cameo appearance by Walton Goggins. With so many people looking at Jonathan Banks as the “new Pierce,” I love that the writers used Goggins as Pierce’s proxy to torment the group with the revelation of their secrets.


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