Grimm Season 3 Review “The Good Soldier”

This week’s Grimm gave more face time to Monroe and Rosalee, which is long overdue, but still leaves me wondering – what’s up with Nick? He did his same old routine of telling a Wesen that he’s a Grimm and then arresting the bad guy. Come on! Let’s give Nick a more pivotal role and push him back to the center of the Grimmverse.

Monroe has been pretty much sidelined in recent episodes. He tinkers with his clocks, points the team in the direction of a Wesen, and that’s about it. It was nice that this week he finally had a more substantial story when he agreed to accompany Rosalee to her family’s house. Rosalee and her sister had a tense reunion that revealed both of them to be carrying around a lot of pain. They had a breakthrough when Rosalee admitted she’d missed their dad’s funeral because she was in jail. While Monroe’s job was mostly to provide emotional support to Rosalee, he also squeezed out a couple of funny moments, such as eyeballing the steak and facing down Rosalee’s protective sister.



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