Atlantis (BBC America) Review “Pandora’s Box”

And so a legend is born.

“Pandora’s Box” suffered from a rushed plot and the dullest vision of Hades ever, but the emotions driving the story lifted it above cheesy set pieces. We have known Medusa was cursed since her first appearance, and Jason has known since he first heard her name. Foreknowledge doesn’t help any of us when Medusa walks into her fate entirely by accident. The ending, as Jason, Pythagoras and poor Hercules walked through streets full of people turned to stone to find Medusa, her eyes white, her hair replaced by hissing snakes was another heart breaker. Somehow, almost entirely against my will,Atlantis has persuaded to care about these lovable goofballs, which makes me wonder if the cheesy early days were designed to lure viewers into believing the show had low stakes, only to hit us with the hard stuff as the season nears its end.



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