Shameless Season 4 Review “My Oldest Daughter”

Another daughter? Now, if there was ever a vehicle for introducing new characters to Shameless then it was Frank’s fertility. Now in desperate need of a liver but with no one willing or able to offer him a new one in ‘My Oldest Daughter’, it looks like we’ll soon be seeing a brand new, previously unknown Gallagher on the scene. With Lip at college and Ian MIA (presumably still in the army), that house was looking pretty empty. We all knew that Fiona’s simple, three-kid, health insured, working life wasn’t going to last for long, didn’t we?

And it was all going so well for Fiona this week, with glowing reports from clients, a company car and a loving boyfriend, but now that company car has been smashed up as a result of some classic Gallagher road rage and said boyfriend has shown his insecure and needy side. Those two traits don’t go well with Fiona, especially if it means she’s going to have to call him every night in spite of whatever’s going on in her crazy life, and it’s only a matter of time before something gives. With the promise of a new sister, Frank still hanging around the house and Debbie’s rebellious phase continuing, breaking point might come sooner than we expected.



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