Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “Your Body is a Battleground”

After last week’s sad but hopeful season premiere of Switched at Birth, this week’s episode, ‘Your Body is a Battleground’, saw the Kennish/Vasquez clan split into two categories – those making the same mistakes and those at least seeking to make new ones. Bay and Kathryn are in the former camp along with Toby, but sadly Daphne and John really haven’t learnt their lesson from past disasters. I guess Bay really should be glad she escaped that gene pool.

I’m really glad of the Toby storyline if only because it gets him involved with the rest of the cast for a change. I was never really a fan of Nikki and I’m quite glad that the show found a way to tell their marriage storyline while also clearing her out of the show before the honeymoon period could even get started, and love the fact that he’s now interacting with Bay and Daphne more than ever. Though it’s quite a slight plot right now, it’ll obviously be involved with the upcoming collision of Carlton’s two sides in coming episodes. Speaking of, was I the only one sure that the ‘grease hoodie bandit’ was going to be Travis? I’m glad I was wrong.




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