The Blacklist Season 1 Review “The Alchemist”

Every showrunner eventually runs into a problem. They have to consider how to service their ancillary characters while still keeping our attention with the people who matter the most. On The Blacklist, there’s one person worth tracking, and that’s Red Reddington (and Dembe if you’re me). After seeing the reception to the fall’s run of episodes, this idea should be obvious to the four Johns who executive produce the show. Sure, they’ve taken stabs at keeping us interested in other people in Red’s universe, but ultimately the writing or the acting keep us at arm’s length. Though I feel quite certain I’m speaking in hyperbole when I say this, it’s hard to imagine another hit show relying so heavily on one actor. James Spader doesn’t just butter the bread. No one else even brought a knife with them to help out.



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