'The Michael J. Fox Show' Season 1, episode 14: Mike and Annie aim to be one of two neighborly 'Couples'

How do you make, then keep, a friend?For Mike (Fox), the process is fairly easy, at least initially -- to Annie's (Betsy Brandt) relief, since she feels he needs a new pal -- in "Couples," Thursday's (Jan. 16) episode of NBC's "The Michael J. Fox Show."While getting their mail, they encounter a neighbor named Will (guest star Frederick Weller), whose Wi-fi name Annie recognizes. Overhearing them discussing him, he asks Mike, "Wait ... you're not 'Bobby Hull & Oates,' are you?" A pleased Mike replies, "He shoots, he scores!"After they start to go their separate ways, Annie urges her husband to continue the conversation: "You close that. Come on, I'm right behind you." Annie conspicuously vanishes, though, as they resume their chat.Returning from a hockey game later with Will, Mike enthuses he's having "probably the best day of my life" next to the births of his children. He accompanies Will to his apartment and sees...



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