Top Moments: Kate Gosselin on Today and Jimmy and Bruce's Traffic Jam

Our top moments of the week: 

14. Most Welcome Return: After a few episodes of moping and drinking away his blues,Person of Interest finally gets The Man in the Suit back in the action. After the Machine bypasses the usual channels to get Mr. Reese on a plane with the creator of the Black Market — an Internet safe zone for the illegal trading and selling of drugs, weapons, etc. — Reese has to go all "killer at 30,000 feet" to protect the geeky criminal — and the rest of the passengers — from dying in an awful crash. Once the day is saved, however, Reese and Finch meet up overseas to discuss the future of their partnership. It's tense for a while before Reese finally breaks. "While I'm Italy, I thought I'd get fitted for a new suit." Good to you have back!

13. Worst Face-Saving: After they hooked up at The Mindy Project's office Christmas party, Peter thinks he's falling in love with Maria Menounos. However, when Peter visits her on set, he finds out from Pat O'Brien of all people that she's on vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend. When Peter tries to enter the hot set, O'Brien kicks him in the face and has security detain him when Peter innocently reaches into his pocket for what O'Brien thinks is a gun. Look, Maria! Peter's a TV star now!



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