Community Recap: A Slightly More Magical World


What a thoroughly satisfying and deeply funny episode “Cooperative Polygraphy" was. The similarities to season two’s “Cooperative Calligraphy” were abundant and no doubt intentional, titles aside. Structurally, the two episodes are very similar: Both are “bottle episodes” that take place only in the study room, and they both feature inciting incidents that force each member of the group to come to grips with their insecurities and underlying resentments toward one another while ultimately reinforcing the ties that bind them all. But where “Calligraphy” was more cartoonish and self-aware (not that that’s a problem; it ranks among my favorite all-time episodes), “Polygraphy” clearly has more somber origins. That’s not to say it isn’t self-aware; it knows it’s a bottle episode, but it just doesn’t need to put that fine a point on it.  Read More...


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