'Ravenswood' - 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead': Remy checks into the sleep clinic

brightcove.createExperiences(); Check out these sneak peek clips of the Tuesday, Jan. 21 episode of "Ravenswood," called "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead." Above, Remy checks into the sleep clinic and worries that when she's sleeping, suddenly she's "evil's puppet." Luke reassures her that the doctors -- "brainy types" -- are going to help her with her sleep disorder.Below, Olivia goes to visit Springer in the hospital, but it's "family only" for visitors. She and Tess run into Springer's mom, who is mad at Matheson family -- "Why are you always smashing other people's lives?" Um, it wasn't Olivia's fault. Tess is the one that ran Springer over (maybe on purpose).Finally, Caleb goes to talk to Mr. Price about the history of Ravenswood. Mr. Price tells Caleb that Henry Armitage, who wrote a book on the town, believed in ghosts and the occult, so he's not one to be trusted. Mr. Price then says that ghosts...



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