Seasons mix up (cba to change)

Season 1 - Episodes 1-32 - Kazekage Rescue

Season 2 - Episodes 33-52 - Long-Awaited Reunion

Season 3 - Episodes 54-71 - Twelve Guardian Ninja

Season 4 - Episodes 72-88 - Immortal Devastators — Hidan and Kakuzu

Season 5 - Episodes 89-112 - The Three-Tailed Demon Turtle

Season 6 - Episodes 113+ - TBC

!*SPOILERS*! if u don't read the manga

episode 113 they're finally getting back on track with the manga (so ive bin told) which means very soon were gona see tobi/madara and also no more jiraiya as hes gona die and no more orochimaru cos hes gona die and no more kakashi cos hes gona die and the leaf village is gona go boom and narutos gona go nine tails and were gona see the 4th hokage. im getting way too excited for my own good so im gona stop there

sorry if im wrong and uv read this and u havent read the manga


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