Many people are commenting on the GREAT season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Here are some of my predictions:

First of all, I must say I have very mixed feelings on if Stella is "the mother."


1. Ted described that night as a miracle: why would he do that if he got the biggest rejection of his life.

2. Also the possible clue with the writing being the same in both Stella's house and the place where future Ted is telling the story.


1. The umbrella is no where to be found in the story which is a pivotal part of the story. It has to be in there somewhere, and yet it has not even been mentioned since the St. Patrick's Day episode.

Plus, no one should fret about what will happen next season. There is Ted finally marrying possibly. We find out that Barney actually loves Robin, and who knows, someone is bound to have a kid next season (I have no reason to suspect, but then again in every friends based sitcom, someone has a kid).

<3 Zach


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May 24, 2008 10:43AM EDT

for some reason i'm just not that big of a fan of the barney/robin pairing. i hate it when shows have to pair up peopel in a group of friends, it's awfully cliche-- and i just don't like robin to begin with, for soem reson she's always annoyed me and having ehr hook up with my favorite character is rather discconcerting lol.

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