Downton Abbey Recap: Diversity, Downton Style


This week, we finally got to meet the first black character on Downton Abbey. His name is Jack Ross. He’s a handsome singer. And based on the way he treated Rose when her escort, Sir John Bullock, dashed off the Lotus Club dance floor to drunk-vomit, he’s also considerate, suave and respectful.


So naturally, he scares the shit out of Lady Rosamund.

“Oh, Mary,” Rosamund gasped when she spotted the man dancing — in public, where others can see! — with her lily-white relative. Immediately, like a Navy SEAL on a rescue mission, Tom was sent in to extract Rose from the situation while everyone looked horrified and will probably continue to look horrified when Jack (played by British actor Gary Carr) shows up in future episodes of season four.  Read More...


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