True Detective Recap: Wake and Cake


Rust Cohle is a hard man to love. He tells detectives Papania (Tory Kittles) and Gilbough (Michael Potts) this himself over that six pack of Lone Star and Big Hug Mug–cum-ashtray during their 2012 questioning. Even his patient partner, Hart, has grown weary of his sanctimony. Back in ’95, when Cohle accurately sizes up that Hart got “some pussy” that wasn’t his wife’s, he’s quickly thrown against a locker and warned not to say “fuck all” about other peoples’ personal lives.


Ironically, Cohle’s just started to open up about his own past, detailing for Hart during one of their now-signature car rides how his 2-year-old daughter died in a car crash. It’s why he showed up plastered to that family dinner. Or as Cohle sums it up, “I was worried being around that kind of thing.” Some part of this guy has a harder time even uttering vocabulary that relates to love and parenting than he does seeing into the massive scope of a psychopath’s intentions. He gets that whoever killed Dora Lange is acting out a narrative that reaches back further than some hobbyist occult obsession. The proudly displayed images of horse-backed Klansmen in Dora Lange’s parents’ home continue to vivify Erath’s history for Cohle and how it could prove the eventual backdrop for such a brutal, sacrificial killing. And at episode’s end, when the two weary investigators — fresh from a cliche tongue-lashing about stalling leads, ticking clocks and looming task forces courtesy of Major Quesado (just what ethnicity are we supposed to take Kevin Dunn as anyway?) — come upon a spooky bit of graffiti inside the immolated remains of a church where Dora Lange sought refuge, Hart realizes that this loony to his left picks up on more than hallucinations.  Read More...


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