The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: The Vicious Vineyard


This episode was a slow burn to greatness — when these emm-effers fight, they fight WELL. Marlo is back, and she brings the best out of everyone, if “best” is “diabolically shit-terrible worst.”


Cynthia and Peter celebrated their third anniversary at Bar One with vodka and more vodka. Nothing says “I still love you” like getting drunk in a building you reluctantly pay for with alcohol that probably came from your own cabinet! New to Atlanta friends Christopher and Natalie sauntered over, and like most couples who can barely stand each other, Cynthia and Peter welcomed them into the anniversary celebration. Christopher and Cynthia knew each other a long time ago, and Peter and Natalie knew each other a long time ago, so tell me — am I too far off base to assume that at least one of these sets was boning? I got a very weird vibe. I’ve had friends for more than twenty years, too, and we don’t give off that vibe, probably because I couldn’t pick their downstairs business out of a lineup.  Read More...


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