Looking Series Premiere Recap: Parks and Rambles


Do gay men still cruise and have sex in parks? Apparently so, as Patrick (Jonathan Groff) finds out in the opening, disorienting moments of the first episode of Looking, which is dense with information and banter and cross talk. Patrick is on an expedition to find random sex out of doors, a lark inspired by smoking weed with his friends, who have led him into the woods and left him all alone. He doesn’t seem to know what to do and he starts to panic a bit when a bearded cruiser zeroes in on him.


Patrick tries to kiss Mr. Beard, but Mr. Beard dodges the kiss and shakes his head. “What’s your name?” Patrick asks, to which Mr. Beard barks, “Stop talking!” Mr. Beard gets a hand down Patrick’s pants, but Patrick squeals, “Cold hands! Very cold!” Mercifully or not, Patrick’s phone goes off, and he frantically apologizes and then disengages from Mr. Beard to take the call. As he stumbles away, Patrick drops his phone into gay guy public sex detritus, and he stares at the used condoms and other things on the ground with mild disgust and also mild interest.  Read More...



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