Psycho-Pass Episode #04 Anime Review

Every time I think I get a handle on the point Psycho-pass is trying to make, or an idea of where the show is heading, it throws out something I don’t expect. Still, any show that’s solid enough to get me to sit through the horrifying opening song has to be doing something right.

This time, the world opens on an internet forum called a CommuField. Said CommuField is operated by an avatar named Talisman, and it appears to be run in the form of an advice show. The avatar seeking advice this time is one Lemonade Candy, and it’s easy to tell she’s none other than inspector Akane. She claims to be speaking for a friend, but it’s clear she wants help in trying to understand her colleague Kogami. Talisman advises her to abandon her preconceptions and try and understand him all over again. She seeks further advice from Masaoka, but he tells her just to give up. To understand Kogami, he says, and to see the world like Kogami would mean that her Psycho-pass would become the same as Kogami’s.



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