Psycho-Pass Episode #07 Anime Review

If you asked me whether I was enjoying Psycho-pass in previous weeks, my answer would have varied from “not really” to “not yet” to “yes, kinda.” I’m happy to report that it would now be an enthusiastic yes. In previous weeks I think I was trying to understand it on a cold, intellectual level, similar to how I enjoyed Madoka and Ghost in the Shell. But Psycho-pass is just far too much fun. Hints of the shows pulp/camp CSI atmosphere were always there, from the ending credits with legal disclaimer, to the blonde lesbian lab tech who wore lipstick and sported cleavage, but I suppose I took them as distractions. Now, when lesbian serial killers speak to the bodies they keep in their bed, a line has been crossed. The kooky, exploitative atmosphere is here to stay, and in the right mindset, it’s a fantastic asset.



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