Psycho-Pass Episode #08 Anime Review

PSYCHO-PASS has finally found its voice and become what it’s wanted to be all along, and joy of joys, it’s something I really enjoy. From the first moments of the episode showing the campus of the girl’s academy caught in a rainstorm, the atmosphere takes over and carries you along for the ride.

Police robots have taken over the school and are searching for clues ever since the second victim was found. Mr. Makishima, the mysterious middle-man who seems to be enabling all of the crimes throughout the city, wonders if Oryo is being cautious at all in the execution of her crimes. He questions her philosophy. She defends herself by saying that these girls, raised in such a sheltered atmosphere, will just go on to become dull wives for wealthy men. She is merely giving them an opportunity to make something interesting of themselves.



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