Psycho-Pass Episode #10 Anime Review

It’s the end of the first season for a show that’s written by Gen Urobuchi, and everyone knows that means that someone’s gonna die. We just don’t know who, and how. In a way, it’s a routine pair of episodes we’ve seen before. But it’s still quite cruel and unpleasant.

Episode 10 is all set-up. One of Akane’s friends, Yuki, gives Akane a call and tells her to meet somewhere suspicious. It seems like a set up, so Kogami goes with her. The location appears to be an old subway station, but it leads into a huge underground labyrinth. When Kogami goes in to investigate, he goes “off the grid”. When Ginoza finds out, he’s furious and blames Akane, thinking that Kogami has misled her to escape. Whether he really thinks he’s tried to escape, or whether he’s just voicing what he believes his superiors or society will say is hard to tell. Masaoka is displeased with the way he treats, Akane, however, making you wonder if Masaoka isn’t Ginoza’s father himself.



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