Psycho-Pass Episode #11 Anime Review

It’s a standard confrontation: The virtuous cop faces off against the “prince of crime” who has his theories about why he’s so much more moral than the society he belongs to. We’re not really that attached to Yuki, either, as before episode 10, she didn’t even have a name.

But episode 11 ends on a horribly cruel note that’s hard to rate. It’s effective, and powerful, but it’s terribly demoralizing. Akane started off the season as a not very interesting character, all droopy eyes, no personality, and terrible haircut. But she’s grown on me, in a somewhat ironically “moe” way, as she’s grown as a character. Seeing the cruelty Makishima inflicts on her, making her loathe her own helplessness, is horrible. There’s no thrill to be had here, even vicariously. It just makes you feel empty inside.

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