Psycho-Pass Episode #12 Anime Review

Some viewers may feel cheated that we don’t find out what happens to Akane and her PSYCHO-PASS after the death of her friend Yuki. I was pleased however, as the long-silent and long-ignored Yayoi Kunizuka finally gets her chance in the spotlight. And that spotlight is a literal one, as we find out she was once a musician.

Apparently in the future Sybil even decides which artists have the talent and temperament to succeed, preventing hopeless cases from spending all of their time on a dream they’ll never reach. But there exists a tension between artists that are sponsored by “the man” and those rebel artists who perform without Sybil’s imprimatur. Yayoi was in a band that was sponsored by Sybil, so she had to endure the derision of others in the art district of Tokyo.



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