Psycho-Pass Episode #13 Anime Review

This week opens on a therapy session between Ginoza and his counselor. Since the Makishima incident, Ginoza’s Criminal Coefficient has gone up seven points, putting him at the cusp at 90. His therapist mentions that at 90, he would have to report it, and at 100 Ginoza would certainly be labeled a latent criminal himself.

It is in this dangerous state that Ginoza makes his report to his superior that the dominator did not work correctly on Makishima. Couldn’t Akane have been to blame, she asks? Even though Ginoza doesn’t care much for Akane (or is it that he cares far too much?) he can’t find any reason that the fault should lie with her. The as-yet-unnamed woman that Ginoza reports to asks Ginoza if he really intends to question Sybil’s judgement, when he lives in a society whose prosperity depends entirely upon that same judgement? Ginoza doesn’t back down, and stands by Tsunemori.



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