Psycho-Pass Episode #21 – 22 Anime Review

PSYCHO-PASS comes to its conclusion in a climactic two-parter that ends the conflict between Akane, Kogami, and Makishima. Things don’t seem very promising at first, as Episode 21 is fairly heavy handed. Yayoi, in seemingly her final role, tells Akane how much she’s changed, and that’s she’s matured as a detective so much, Yayoi can now trust her life to her. The line seems so forced, and the development is so obvious, it’s hard not to groan. Meanwhile, Ginoza and Masaoka walk into a dark room full of death flags, and Ginoza foolishly trips a trap, causing a massive crate to fall on him. Masaoka and Makishima struggle for a bit, and then Makishima pulls out some dynamite, throwing it at the captured Ginoza.



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