Every Time Ichabod Is Confused By Modern Life on Sleepy Hollow


Ichabod Crane should be freaked out more than he is. Think about it: If you fell asleep in 1781 and woke up in 2013, you would be so utterly overwhelmed by the world that you probably wouldn't be able to function. You'd just sit on the couch for two weeks, exhausted by everything, until you somehow, some way got used to the sounds, the noises, the traffic jams, the planes, television, the Internet, and the joys of aloe-filled toilet paper. The Ichabod of Sleepy Hollow (which airs its season finale tonight at 8 p.m.) doesn't seem that confused, though. Sure, he's perplexed by many things and pauses to figure out what it means and why it exists, but for the most part, he has adjusted pretty darn well. Here are all the times that Ichabod has been confused by this modern world.



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