'Doctor Who': Steven Moffat needs to stop playing Matt Smith favorites

Now that Matt Smith has departed "Doctor Who," it's only natural to want to figure out where he fits in with the other Doctors. Is he the best? The worst? Somewhere in between?If you're showrunner Steven Moffat, the answer is clear. In the DVD extras for the BBC release of "The Time of the Doctor," Moffat salutes Smith, saying, "I'm glad I don't have two hearts because they would both be breaking at the moment. I have a complaint against time travel. I would like today not to have arrived. Everybody, a big round of applause for the best and bravest Time Lord of them all: Matt Smith."The best and bravest Time Lord. Sure, it could have just been a nice eulogy to Smith's time on the show, but the reality is likely very different. Moffat loves Smith's Doctor most because it was the first one over whom he had complete control. He took over...



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