'Teen Wolf': Sparks fly and flies spark horror in 'Galvanize'

It's Mischief Night on "Teen Wolf," and the pranks, strangeness and evil are everywhere in "Galvanize." From a serial killer with bugs in his belly to the Coach's bad birthday, this is horror at its finest.Because Beacon Hills doesn't have enough problems ...Guess what? In addition to werewolves and vengeful druids and who-knows-what-else-made-out-of-fireflies, it turns out that Beacon Hills is home to a serial killer! A man named William Barrow killed a bunch of kids by detonating shrapnel on a bus at some point in the past. His explanation: They had glowing eyes. Which actually makes sense in this town. It is, however, still bad to commit mass murder.It's also really bad to have a tumor filled with scary flies that escape during surgery. That's exactly what happens with Barrow, who then heads straight for the high school in order to take out more glowing-eyed kids or something like that. Also, he completes his...



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