'The Blacklist': The mole is (possibly) revealed

Was the mole revealed on this week's "Blacklist"? We think there is perhaps more to the story. Case of the WeekThe blacklister this week is no. 101, the Alchemist. He's Eric Trettel, who previously worked on the human genome project and was a DNA evidence expert. But when he was discovered to have falsified some DNA evidence in a mob case, he went freelance as a person who can make you "disappear" for the right amount of money.Now Trettel is hired by wealthy, guilty people. He fakes their deaths by using innocent people for the bodies (including children, if needed) and manipulating genetic material/evidence.As Agent Keen's team closes in on him, he kills the mob informant and wife (Peter and Catherine Madrczyk) that was hired to "kill" and then takes out his own wife and daughter, trying to eliminate any possible person who could lead the feds to him. Lizzie takes the daughter Annie's death...



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