'Sleepy Hollow' finale: John Noble's Henry is really WHO? Is Ichabod really [Spoiler]?!

The final two episodes of "Sleepy Hollow" were full of plenty of revelations -- John Cho's Andy Brooks lived, then died, then lived, then died; Irving was transferred upstate and missed ALL the good stuff; Katrina's soul was freed how?! -- but nothing compared to the brain-melting final 15 minutes.Yes, just like the cast promised, your head definitely exploded at the conclusion of the second episode, "Bad Blood." We never saw it coming -- John Noble's Henry is actually Jeremy, Ichabod and Katrina's son. But wait, that's not all! He is also the second horseman. We repeat: HE IS THE SECOND HORSEMAN."I'm much more than that -- your binding spell had no effect because there was nothing to bind," he tells his parents. "The second horseman was unearthed over a decade ago, on this very day under the darkening sun. And, as Moloch prophesized, has waited all this time to take form."Jeremy calls Headless/Abraham to...



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