'The Bachelor': Chelsie literally has her Vienna moment

Time for the latest "Bachelor" episode. In case you missed it, Juan Pablo stepped in it a bit over the weekend when asked if there could ever be a gay bachelor on the ABC dating show. He has since apologized and obviously these episodes were filmed months ago, so let's enjoy the show now, but yeah -- that happened. Cassandra's DateNikki is "level 15" ready to get out of the house and have a date, but she is not the lovely lady chosen for the first one-on-one. We're a little surprised Nikki didn't get one of the early one-on-ones but hopefully that will work in her favor -- sometimes the early ones are then forgotten about a bit because they don't get another one-on-one for a while. It can actually be a huge disadvantage to have an early solo date.Anyway, it is also nice that Cassandra, one of the single moms, is getting a solo...



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