The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Choke Up or Choke Out


Last night Carlton hired a harem, Brandi pimped out Yolanda, and someone let Joyce shoot a gun — and that was just the first twenty minutes!


Carlton welcomed friends A.C. and Tara, whose baby-voiced antics make me want to scratch the inside of my skull with a bristle brush. They open-mouth kissed in her huge, echo-filled foyer, said hello to Elizy who hangs around like a cipher, and got down to the business of casting women for Carlton’s pool party after spending way too long baby-voicing which one of them was going to “get nakey.” Why did Carlton need three other people to help her choose half-naked women to prance around her house? She built her own den of inequity! I’m sure she can handle picking out which butt she likes the best from the oiled-up strangers parading through her house.  Read More...


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