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Canceled? Yes or No???

Is Lipstick Jungle done. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride. There is a new episode airing on Friday which I'm happy about but what after that?

Some sources

say that it is not canceled yet. And that there could possibly be 3 more episodes (including Fridays).

Anyone have anymore info on this?


| 08:53 EST, 10 Jan, 2009
I don't think that it is canceled for sure. Last night was the season finale. I think the fate of the show lies in how many people tuned in last night. It played out like a series finale, but its not impossible for it to be back in the Fall. This happens all the time. They did it for Charmed twice before it was actually canceled (season 4 and season 7). If viewership was not significantly improved last night, then it may be goodbye to the Jungle though. But at least we got some type of closure. You can always pick up the book though. Its a pretty good read. The series played out a bit differently, but if your itching for Nico, Wendy and Victory its definitely worth the read.
| 01:12 EST, 10 Jan, 2009
WHAT?!?!?!?!? It can't be canceled, I love love love this show. Omg that makes me so sad. Do they have any more episodes coming? Cause last weeks was so good
| 20:06 EST, 05 Jan, 2009
They cancelled it...yes
| 17:22 EST, 03 Jan, 2009
I really like this show, and it would pretty much suck if it were cancelled. Another thing to think about with the decrease in viewers is the increase in amount of people who own DVR's. Those people, like myself, own this machine, and record it because of the amount of things that I have to during the week; I don't have time to watch it during its regular scheduled time. I watch it later in the week, when I, actually, have time to watch television. I implore the NBC network to keep this show, and to not cancel it! I went out and bought the first season of this show this week! Please don't cancel this show! It's amazing, and worth the time that it takes to watch!
| 16:15 EST, 03 Jan, 2009
season finale next week
| 11:42 EST, 01 Jan, 2009
Yeah it currently lies in a state of limbo depending on how these final filmed episodes perform.Not canceled (after they un-canceled it, haha), but not renewed.I wouldn't get my hopes up, but it's possible NBC could decide to at least finish out the season and order a few more episodes.NBC's MidSeason schedule looks like such crap that I really wish they would...!

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