'Supernatural' recap: Dean makes another deal, but with the devil this time

Oh, Dean. What have you done?The elder Winchester made another rash deal on Tuesday (Jan. 21) night's "Supernatural." However, unlike last time when his deal was with an angel -- regardless of the fact that it turned out to be the worst angel in the history of the world -- this time he made a deal with the devil. More specifically, the father of murder, a.k.a. Cain ("Psych's" Timothy Omundson).So how did Dean become bosom buddies with the ultimate baddie of biblical proportions? First, he became best buds with Crowley. No, we're serious. Crowley came to Dean for help in defeating Abaddon, because the only weapon that can kill a knight of hell is the First Blade. They follow its trail to Cain -- of Cain and Abel -- who apparently scares Crowley like nothing we've ever seen before (his hands were shaking!).Crowley tells Dean the "Supernatural" version of the story of Cain and...



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