The Fosters (ABC Family) Review “House and Home”

It seems strange to call group homes, homes. With their structured rules, assigned rooms and mandatory meetings, they’re not a home in the traditional sense, but for some kids they are as close to a home as they will ever get until they are expelled from the system. After her act of defiance last week, Callie is sent to a home for girls, only because Lena and Stef work hard to get her into a place they feel will give her the help she needs. After Brandon comes clean about the kiss, Lena and Stef go to court to speak on Callie’s behalf, but they also tell the judge they are not yet prepared to take Callie back into their home.

The entire situation is heartbreaking, but Lena and Stef’s point of view is understandable. As long as Brandon and Callie insist on pursuing a relationship they can’t adopt her. Likewise, until Callie realizes her addiction is to pressing the self destruct button anytime things become complicated she can’t go home. However, seeing the group home through Callie’s eyes, and hearing her lament she “doesn’t belong there,” didn’t make the situation any easier to accept.



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