what the heck

Ok so now sookie has two vamps and a wolf after her heart?????? Why does everyone depretly want to be with her, she cant be human? right? And now Bill is gone????? He doesnt even care that she is in danger?????? He just left her to DIE? he would rather have her dead in the ground then be with him? i dont get it, he was supposedlly doing this to save her and now he lets her die?



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Jul 12, 2010 11:10PM EDT

Heres what I think is going on:
King Vamp is basically keeping Bill prisoner and using him for his own desires (notice the silver door so Bill can't touch it without extreme pain), and Bill is trying to play along so that he can get out of this alive. Basically, the King threatened to kill Sookie if Bill didn't get her out of his life. So, Bill has been severing ties to Bon Temps (and Sookie), against his will, in order to gain the King's trust. If he can gain the King's trust, he might be able to spin his wishes in a way that will mesh with King's own desires and thus make things better in the future (i.e. he asks if they can murder Lorena once Sophie-Ann's province is annexed). In my opinion, the King and Lorena have a much bigger reason for what they are doing to Bill than we are as of yet aware. Also, when Sookie was in trouble, true trouble at the end, Bill stops, turns around, as if about to leave for her, and then goes back with a worried face. If he were to leave to save Sookie, he would lose the King's trust and possibly be captured and kept in a much more brutal and lethal manner until he gets the King whatever it is King Vamp wants.

Jul 13, 2010 12:03PM EDT

Bill can sense Sookie, so even though she's in danger he probably takes on her subconscious feelings as well (The feeling that Eric is still looking after her). While she may not be extremely safe, had he run to her, Lorena would have followed and Sookie would be toast.
And as far as all the supes vying for Sookie's heart, it is related to her not being human. All I can say is read the books, if you wanna know the big secret.

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Jul 14, 2010 10:07AM EDT

Sookies not human...? I need to stop reading these discussions. I guess that would explain it though because I never quite understood Eric's infatuation with her that he even having fantasies now.
The way this season is playing out though it doesn't seem like it will end up well for anybody. The King is after the Queen, Eric is after Bill, and then we find the King is the leader of that wolf cult. I don't know how everyone can be saved now, I kinda like Eric but it seems that its one or the other, if Eric makes it out of this it will probably be because he took Bill down, if Bill makes it out then it probably means Eric didn't but it's clear the King or Queen or both are going to be on the receiving end of the Magistar's silver stick.

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Jul 26, 2010 3:02PM EDT

Sookie is part fairy!

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Jul 28, 2010 6:35AM EDT

Yes her Gradfather was Fay/Fairy......and Jason too is part Fay but hes not telepathic, he is irresistable to woman....maybe sookie has the same gift that makes her irresistable??

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Aug 13, 2010 8:23PM EDT

I agree with devs711 completely, that was my thinking exactly. Its all an elaborate cover up,although if I were Sookie, I think I would have known that - mind reader or not, I'm surprised she's not figured it out or guessed somethings up, kinda skitzo.Also how funny is Franklyn, I love him in it atm?! WATCH HOW FAST I CAN... WAAAAAAATCH ME?! haha

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