Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Review “Close Encounters”

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” we basically picked up where we left off, in “Close Encounters.” After getting that message from “A” they hauled, um, A, to the Busy Bee Inn, where they found potential signs of Ali, but no Ali, only another message from “A” telling them they were too late. However, an unexpected visit from Shana with Emily proved that Ali was possibly still with us, if she was to be believed. Claiming to be practically life-long friends with Ali, Shana set up a meet, which Em told Spencer about, which proved to be a mistake, as she ended up spooking Ali.

However, we did get to see Ali briefly, thus confirming she was indeed still alive, and not in the clutches of “A”- though who’s to say, as Spencer warned, that she isn’t “A” herself? Ali certainly didn’t hesitate to make with the compliments to Em, while immediately telling her that she maybe shouldn’t be so quick to trust the girls. Typical Ali- divide and conquer. But does she have good reason? Who’s to say it isn’t one of the girls, either?



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